Gloria Thrown In At The Deep End

Morning Gloria made her racecourse debut today in a very hot novice content in awfully deep ground.

Here is what her trainer Kayley Woollacott said after the race...

Hi guys, all ok, this is what Gloria thought of that ground! To be honest Michael said the fact that all other runners were quite hot pots and over the 2 miles they traveled in a high gear from early doors and she was ballooning her hurdles a little. Jumped much better down the back but pulled up at the bottom of the hill as horses were pulling up in front of her and she was out of contention. Seeing as she got to three from home the handicapper will provide us with a mark so long as we complete next two runs. I think we need to find an easier contest though and not such deep ground in driving rain. Not blown too hard and back in one piece which is main thing but she definitely had a tough time today as I think it was a very competitive novice.

Here is the full race video:


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