Frequently Asked Questions



How are you able to sell a syndicate share for such a low sum?

4Racing Owners Club share the costs between all of the syndicate Members (usually
100 shares) meaning you can get the feeling of being a real owner for a fraction of
the usual cost!

How do I pay for my shares?

4Racing Owners Club make shares available in each horse as per the advertised
individual pricing terms of that syndicated horse. You can either pay by monthly
direct debit, a recurring payment through PayPal or annually upfront at a discounted

Are there any further charges?
No, the price quoted per syndicate share is the total cost (either upfront or by
monthly instalment) for the full syndicate period, with no further commitment or fees.

What will I receive for my money?
Initially, you will receive a Member’s share certificate by e-mail. During your time as
a syndicate Member benefits include regular updates, a free stable visit and the
chance to apply for a free race day owner's badge when your horse runs in a race.
Only the registered syndicate Member can apply for an owner’s badge. If over-
subscribed there will be a ballot to allocate these badges.

What betting/gambling information will I receive?
In conjunction with your Trainer, we will give an opinion of your horse’s likely chance
and recommend a value price every time the syndicate’s horse runs, which will show
you our opinion on the chances of the horse winning or being placed in a race.


Horse Updates

How often will I receive an update on my horse?
You will receive an update by e-mail at least once every two weeks, plus from time to
time we will endeavour to also e-mail video updates of the syndicate’s horse.

When will my horse run?

Given that a racehorse is a living and potentially fragile athlete anything can happen
and quite often does. Therefore, there can never be any guarantee that any horse
will even make it to a racecourse. Whilst we only syndicate horses that we believe
will win races, there are no guarantees that a horse will reach ours or the Trainer’s
expectations. We will strive to keep our Members fully aware of all news – be it good
or bad.

How much notice do I receive when my horse is going to run?
We will inform you by e-mail as soon as we receive an entry or declaration update
from the Trainer. We place no restriction on the number of entries that a Trainer can
make and your Trainer can choose any racecourse; no matter how far it is from the
stable’s yard. This policy (although potentially expensive) gives the Trainer the
chance to place your syndicated horse in a race where it has the best opportunity to
perform well, in the Trainers view. Each race has a closing date and time, before
which the Trainer has to decide whether or not the horse will run in that particular
race. This is normally 48 hours for a Flat race and 24 hours for a National Hunt race.
This is known as making a “declaration” for the horse to run, as opposed to the initial
“entry”. Whilst the official BHA declaration period of 24 or 48 hours can prove to be
inconvenient for some Members wanting to make firm travel arrangements etc. to
attend, that is the reality of horseracing and unfortunately there is nothing that can be
done about it. On occasion even if the horse is “declared” to run, something may go
wrong and the horse may be withdrawn from the race and become a “non-runner” at
our or the Trainer’s discretion.

What happens to the prize money if the horse wins any?
Any race prize money is paid to 4Racing Owners Club by Weatherbys in accordance
with the rules of horse racing. This will be distributed equally amongst shareholders at the end of the lease period.

Will I be able to visit the horse at the stable yard?
We will arrange at least one organised stable visit per syndicate period so that you
can see your horse and the Trainer’s yard facilities. We are unable to offer bespoke
visits due to the busy working schedule of the yards. We hope, however, that all
Owners will be able to attend one of our organised visits for which there will be no
charge for the registered syndicate Member plus one guest per Member.

Will I be able to attend the racecourse when my horse runs?
Owners badges (some free and some at a reduced price – varies per racecourse)
will be made available to each syndicate Member who wishes to attend. However,
these are limited by the racecourse and if an event is oversubscribed (more people
want to come than the available tickets) owner’s badges will be allocated via a ballot.
Even if you are not lucky enough to receive an owners badge you can still choose to
attend the racecourse to watch the horse from the public enclosures.

If I have multiple shares, do I receive multiple chances in a ballot?

Yes, you will receive one chance in any ballot for every share that you own in that

What colour silks will the jockey wear?

4Racing Owners Club silks will be worn every time a syndicated horse runs.

How do you choose the Trainer?
We have a relationship with various Trainers in the UK and Ireland. We will place a
horse with a Trainer based on a number of factors, including where we believe the
horse will maximise its potential. We are trying wherever we can, to support the
Trainers we feel are “rising stars” as part of what we do.

The Syndicate

Do I own a share of the capital value of the horse?
No. 4Racing Owners Club lease a horse in for the syndicate period from the horse’s
actual owner. Neither 4Racing Owners Club nor syndicate Members, ever acquire a
“capital” interest in the horse. Actual owners often lease horses to syndicates to
defer the annual running costs of a racehorse. Any increase or decrease in the
horse’s capital value as a result of anything that happens during the lease period is
not relevant to either 4Racing Owners Club or individual syndicate Members.

Will I receive a refund if the horse is injured or not able to race for any

Given that a racehorse is a living and potentially fragile athlete anything can happen
and quite often does. Therefore, there can never be any guarantee that any horse
will even make it to a racecourse. The horse still requires lots of care and attention
when injured (sometimes with large veterinary bills). Therefore, no refund can be
provided if a horse doesn't make it to the racecourse. All racehorse owners and
syndicate Members need to be aware of this risk.

Can I swap my share to a share in a different 4Racing Owners Club

No, a share purchase cannot be changed to a different syndicate after purchase.

What if I fail to pay my monthly syndicate Membership instalment?
If any direct debit or recurring PayPal payment, remains unpaid ten (10) days after
the due date then your syndicate share is automatically forfeited, as are any of the
benefits of being a syndicate member for the remainder of the syndicate term.

What happens at the end of the syndicate term?
All 4Racing Owners Club horses have a set syndicate term, which usually lasts for
around 12 months, although this can vary. Towards the end of the term, in
conjunction with the Trainer, we may seek to lease the horse again for a further
period. If this is the case current syndicate Members will be offered the first refusal to
renew their syndicate shares at a price to be advised at that time.


Questions From Members

How can I change my personal details?
If you need to change your name, postal address, email address, bank direct debit or
mobile telephone number please email us at


Who and where do we meet at the racecourse, if I have successfully
applied for a badge?

If we have allocated you an owners badge we will try to arrange a meeting point. If
you cannot make that please aim to meet up with your fellow Members in the very
centre of the parade ring twenty minutes before the designated start time of the race.
Look out for one of us, the Trainer, or Trainer's representative, and the Jockey, who
should appear approximately ten minutes before the race.

What is the dress code at the racecourse?
This can vary from racecourse to racecourse and even between meetings at the
same racecourse. The dress code is set by the racecourse and is out of our control.
The general expectation is smart dress but further details will be found on the
individual racecourse’s website. Some racecourses may refuse admission to
racegoers who are not dressed in accordance with their dress code. To avoid
disappointment, we advise gentlemen to wear a shirt and tie, and smart dress is
encouraged for all Members. No denim, sportswear or trainers, please.

If I win an owners badge, can I bring a guest with me?
No unfortunately not. Due to the strictly limited numbers it is NOT possible to take a
guest in with you. However, any guests can usually purchase a general admission
badge at the racecourse, but they would not be able to access the owner only areas
at the racecourse.

Which parts of the racecourse does an owners badge give me access

Unless you are specifically advised otherwise, an owners’ badge will usually provide
access to all public areas around the racecourse. In addition if you are lucky and
your horse either wins or is placed then you will also be able to get post-race access

to the winners' enclosure. If your horse does not enter the winners’ enclosure you
should be able to attend the unsaddling enclosure, where you and your fellow
Members can meet the Jockey and Trainer (or their representative) for a post-race
debrief. Please only attend the parade ring and winners’ enclosure to see the horse
you have been allocated a badge to see not at any other times of the day.
Horses can be quite boisterous both before and after a race. Great care should be
taken around such large and high energy animals. All Members who enter the
enclosures do so at their own risk.
At most courses you will also be able to use the exclusive “Owners and Trainers” bar

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