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About 4Racing v COVID19 & Why?

We are passionate about horseracing and through our various connections, Graham Arnold & Ian Griffiths from The Racing Info Bureau decided the time was right to support the industry that gives so many people so much pleasure. The people that deserve this the most in these very testing times are the racing stables and stable staff.

The sport we love has suffered badly during the COVID-19 pandemic and racing yards up and down the country have landed on very hard times due to the countrywide shutdown of our sport. We are raising money through here, to support this section of the industry because it will take our great sport a long time to recover from this pandemic. Racing behind closed doors has returned but yards and stable staff will still see reduced income levels for some time to come.

We will be doing this through our charity partnership with Racing Welfare.

Racing Welfare supports the workforce of the British horseracing and Thoroughbred breeding industry. They give professional guidance and support to the dedicated stud, stable and support staff whose work is vital for the well-being of our sport.

What we are all facing is unprecedented and could have a lasting impact on the British horseracing industry. We know that this is a very challenging and uncertain time for everyone, and for Racing Welfare the financial impact has been severe. They are experiencing a significant drop in income as fundraising events and activities have had to be cancelled and with no idea when they might be able to start them up again. They are therefore looking at a loss of fundraising income in 2020 of around £500,000 at the present time. This is where we will seek to help through this campaign.

Please follow the link to see the great work Racing Welfare does. 

All of what is donated will be given directly to Racing Welfare to benefit the teams of people that give us such great enjoyment.

Thank you and please give whatever you can afford, as it all helps no matter how much.


Additionally, as well as the donations, we have a horse in training, with dual-purpose trainer Rebecca Menzies, called Snowy Burrows.

The horse is being funded by selling 100 shares in her at an affordable level to all.

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The profits made from this will be going back into "4 Racing v COVID -19". By having a horse running for the benefit of our charity partners we hope to keep on giving for the benefit of those that they support.

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